‘God Has Given Me New Life’ - The Message
03 Nov 2023

‘God Has Given Me New Life’

Message Germany recently ran a Revival Nights youth prayer and worship event with our friend Josh Green from 24-7 Prayer Youth. One young person Astrid* came along not expecting much from God but left with her life totally changed by him.

Astrid got in touch with our team to share about how she encountered God during the event.

‘For a while, I’ve been struggling with depression and self-harm, and I often couldn’t see a future with me in it – I had no hope. So, when I showed up on the evening, I was sceptical about what would happen. I was lost in the dark and I had no idea who or what could help me.

‘Despite feeling God’s presence through the worship and testimonies, I felt it hard to let Jesus into my heart, but God guided me to go up to the prayer team. Like he literally guided me – I don’t even truly know how I ended up there! And it was when the prayer team prayed for me that I was set free from the bad things in my life, just like chains breaking. I felt freedom, an unshakeable joy, and light in my heart.

‘Over the next few days, God gave me time to build on this experience from Revival Nights and learn who he is again. Since that day, my heart’s filled with joy and hope, and the dark thoughts have been silenced! I wake up every day in thankfulness and in the knowledge that God has given me a new life, where I want to live for him.’

How incredible is this! Do be praying for Astrid as she gets plugged into local church and continues enjoying the new life and freedom Jesus offers.


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