'My Family Wouldn't Have Survived Without You' - The Message
19 Sep 2023

‘My Family Wouldn’t Have Survived Without You’

Up and down the country, lives are continuing to be changed as people are fed physically as well as spiritually in our Community Groceries.

As well as offering affordable food shops to those finding it tough to feed their families because of the cost-of-living crisis, our groceries also come alongside their members, praying with them and sharing the love of Jesus in word and action.

A couple of months ago, John, came into Ragworth Community Grocery really distressed. He got chatting with store manager, Andy, and shared how his world was falling apart. He said that both his wife and his brother had just been diagnosed with cancer and were very sick. Andy got to listen to him, and offered to pray. Despite declining invitations to church and for prayer before, John said yes that day and so Andy prayed for healing for John’s wife and brother. This week, John comes running into the grocery to find Andy saying, ‘My brother’s cancer has gone, and the doctors are so confused, and my wife had an operation that was so successful that she doesn’t need any more treatment!’ How amazing! Andy got to share more about Jesus with John and invite him along to church again and we’re praying that he comes. 

Over in Burnley, another Community Grocery member got chatting to store manager Daniella saying, ‘Before coming to the grocery, I was at rock bottom and feeling suicidal. But because I know I can come here, share how I’m feeling and pray with you, I’m feeling so much better and my situation is already improving’. Daniella and the team are grabbing every opportunity to share more about God’s love and are praying that she also wants to get more involved with church and the Alpha courses the store is running. A new Alpha course has just launched in the grocery and already 10 members are coming along and learning more about having faith in Jesus.

With over 50,000 member families getting affordable shopping and wrap-around support from the Community Groceries, lives are being changed. One member told our team, ‘My family and I wouldn’t have been able to survive over the last year without the Community Grocery.’


This Harvest, we’re thanking God for his provision and we’re asking individuals, schools and churches to stand with us and help us keep families fed. Would you consider making the Community Grocery the place you collect donations for this Harvest? If you could stand with us, drop us an email here.