Street Pastors: Caring for those without a home - The Message
13 Aug 2019

Street Pastors: Caring for those without a home

Between 10pm and 4pm every Friday and Saturday night the Cardiff Street Pastor teams are out on the streets to care for, listen to, and help people they come across. They show the love of Jesus to everyone they meet in a practical way.

One of our teams recently met two girls aged 15 and 16 who had both run away from home. Despite being upset, one girl was adamant that she wouldn’t return home. The girls had met in Cardiff and had been together, sleeping rough for five days. The team explained who they were and suggested they go together to the Alcohol Treatment Centre where it was warm and dry and where there were police to offer them help.

Thanks to the support of the team and the help from the police, one of the girls agreed to be driven by a police officer back home to Swansea. The other girl is now being cared for under a Child Protection Order.


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