Supporting Communities Through Groceries - The Message
22 Jun 2021

Supporting Communities Through Groceries

With eight Community Groceries already sharing the love of Jesus each day and number nine opening in Netherton today, we have had stories pouring in of how members are discovering the love and hope Jesus offers.

In Ragworth, our team have been getting to know Reggie who recently became a Christian at the grocery and has been coming along to church services with Tees Valley Community Church. Last week he popped into the store, not because he wanted to do a shop but because he heard laugher as he passed and came in saying ‘This place has become my whole social life. There is no one I look forward to seeing more than you guys, other than my grandkids.’

Sharon also popped in store in Ragworth and shared about how her work hours had been cut down and that she was now struggling to afford food to feed her family. After chatting with her and signing her up to be a member, Sharon was blown away by the support the grocery could give her through food and courses saying it has been a ‘real life-saver’.

In Hexham, free Bibles are flying off the shelves as members want to find out more about Jesus and over in Wigan, the team recently met Julie who popped in store upset that her son had just been taking to hospital for a kidney transplant. Knowing that the grocery staff are Christians, Julie asked the team to pray for him and came back in every couple of days with updates of how he was doing. Our team prayed each day for her son – who is now home and recovering well – and have been having great chats with Julie about Jesus!

At The Foundation Community Grocery in Sheffield the team recently met Pauline who had been sofa-surfing for months and had no money and no way to replace the worn-out clothes she was wearing. One day, Pauline turned up at the grocery in the pouring rain with soaked clothes and desperate for some food. Not only were our team able to provide her with a free membership and free food shop thanks to the pay-it-forward post-it notes, but they also referred her to charity Sharewear who provided her with a whole new wardrobe of clothes! Pauline recently popped back into the store to show off her lovely new jeans and shared how she now had new hope for the future!


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