The Father I’ve Always Wanted - The Message
20 Apr 2021

The Father I’ve Always Wanted

With the country in lockdown and prisoners having to spend up to 23 hours in their cells, it would be easy to assume that our work in prisons had had to pause but this is not the case – we’ve repurposed and continued sharing the gospel in new ways. And God has been transforming lives!

We recently caught up with some of our prisons team and heard how God has been moving in the lives of prisoners.

‘I recently went into prison to give a Bible to Jacob* who had been asking me for one. As I chatted to him he told me that in the past he’d been part of a biker gang and had been in and out of prison for the past few years. He also said he’d tried reading the Bible but had struggled to understand what it was saying.

‘I suggested that Mark’s gospel was a great place to start finding out more about Jesus and his life. The next day, Jacob ran up to me and said he had read the whole book of Mark and was so excited that things he had read from the Bible previously were finally starting to make more sense. ‘What shall I read next?’ was his question! So, I said he should move onto Acts to find out more about the next part of the story, and yet again ran up to me the next day having read all of Acts and excited to read more! Jacob then started sharing how he had been speaking to one of his mates who was also part of this biker gang the night before and had been telling him that he needed to buy a Bible and read the book of Mark followed by Acts! Jacob is now desperate to find out more about Jesus each time I see him’


‘I’ve been praying that God would reveal himself to the lads I am working though dreams. Then recently, Lewis* shared that one night he’d seen Jesus sitting with him in his cell chatting with him and he was overwhelmed with how kind, caring and gentle Jesus was! As Lewis has begun finding out more about Jesus, he’s started writing raps about his faith. Recently he let me listen to one he’d written about the Prodigal Son and the Father’s love for us, and as it finished he told me how he’d always wanted a father figure in his life and now has one in God! It’s so exciting to watch what God is doing in Lewis’ life!’


‘Over the past year I’ve seen 150 lads in the prisons I work in respond to the gospel. That’s 150 lives transformed by Jesus. God is good. One lad James* was an organised crime leader, falling apart and broken when I met him. As we prayed and chatted, James wanted to give his life to Jesus. After just a few days, James started taking some of the young lads underneath his wing saying he was only doing what I was doing for him! After introducing me to the younger lads and getting to know them over time, they have now all given their lives to Jesus too! It’s beautiful to see how God is using people to bring others to him even during these challenging times!’