The Scattering - The Message

The Scattering

This summer we want to see young people and churches across the UK get involved in THE SCATTERING as we head out into our local communities to share the love of Jesus and proclaim the good news.

As we partner with God in his great plan of salvation we can promise it is going to be exciting, challenging and it will lead to a summer you won’t forget in a hurry!

So why not read on and make sure you, your youth leader and your church get involved.


Put simply, it’s outreach and mission. For three days during the summer holidays, young people (aged 13 – 18) will head into their local area with their youth leader or members of their church to share the love of Jesus and proclaim the good news.   

We’ll send you resources and information about everything you need to do to prepare for and run your three days of THE SCATTERING with your young people and it will not cost you a penny! It’s all completely free. 

The vision is to equip and empower a generation who take the call of Jesus to go into all the world and preach the gospel seriously and watch as God works through them to see their communities and friends come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  

How It Works?

It’s a simple 1, 2, 3, 4


Get your youth or church leader to fill in the form below and let us know that they’re interested in being part of THE SCATTERING. We’ll then send an email with instructions on your next steps. These will include you picking three consecutive days in the summer holidays that fits your youth groups schedule, recruit young people to take part, and getting adult volunteers involved to help (depending on how many young people you recruit).


We’ll give you access to all the resources you will need to run the three days of mission and support you through regular contact and prayer. We will help you with risk assessment, safeguarding best practices and you’ll receive a care package packed full of goodies for you to get your young people excited about the mission. 

As time goes on we’ll also send you materials to help you prepare your young people for three days of mission.  Then ahead of your three days of THE SCATTERING you will receive details of all the mission activities for each day, as well as training videos, evangelism top tips from world leading evangelists and devotionals for each of the three days. This will all be accessible and downloadable from a password protected web page.  

We suggest that you reveal none of this to your young people until your mission so that every day of THE SCATTERING feels like a real adventure as they meet and get their marching orders!


This is the three days of your THE SCATTERING mission. Each day will follow the same pattern and involve a devotional, time of prayer, training for and practice of the outreach activity, evangelism top tips, doing the activity and a debrief.  

Each day you will pick a place to gather together (inside or outside) and do
your morning devotional that we have provided. You will then read out the mission activity sheet for that day and watch the related training video and evangelism top tip video. After that it is time to GO! 

The types of activities will include things like:

  • Care through prayer where you engage with you go into your community and offer to pray for people.
  • Chatting to people about Jesus using tools like the Three Circles and the4points.
  • Luke 10 outreach – where you’ll head onto an estate and follow the model and instructions Jesus gave his disciples in Luke 10.
  • There will also be a day that comes with a challenge sheet where you will split your group into teams for a type of evangelism scavenger hunt and the team who collects the most points wins!

There will also be a selection of activities so you can tailor make each day. 

You can choose how long you do the activity for. We would suggest sometime between 1 and 2 hours – but it’s up to you, just make sure you set a time to all meet back to debrief. Your debrief is a time to story share and celebrate the fact you went regardless of the result. It is also a time to pray for all of those you met and chatted to. 

We then ask that you fill in the story report and send it back to us so we can encourage others all over the UK doing exactly what your youth are doing too!  


This is where we get in touch with you to hear how it went and tell you how you can get more involved in Advance Youth.  

By getting involved with THE SCATTERING it’s our expectation that you will see God impact your local community but most importantly we believe your young people will be impacted as they see that God wants to use them to reach the lost and that sharing the gospel is part of following Jesus. Our experience of running THE SCATTERING before is that there is something about the mission field that makes young people’s faith come alive.

What Next?

All that is left for you to book on! Come on, you know you want to!

Young person?

All THE SCATTERING bookings need to be made by a youth leader or someone over 18 … so if you’re a young person get onto your youth or church leader straight away and start pestering them to get your group booked on.

Youth or Church leader?

All you need to do is fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps and to help you as much as we can to plan your THE SCATTERING mission.


Any Questions

If you have any questions or want to know more about THE SCATTERING drop us an email at [email protected]

You can also keep up-to-date with everything to do with THE SCATTERING by following Advance Youth on Instagram.