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01 Aug 2023

Young People Equipping Young People

The summer is packed with festivals and we love being part of them. Our North East and Yorkshire teams recently got back from running the youth tent at Cedarwood, and whilst there saw God do amazing things.

Over 50 young people came to each of the three sessions in the youth tent to explore more about ‘Being Sent’ out in mission, and to throw themselves into the worship, teaching and prayer that was taking place.

During each session, some of our young people who are part of Advance Youth shared about what God’s been doing in and through them as they’ve been equipped, encouraged and sent out on mission. As they did this, the team said they could feel a shift in the room. The young people started listening more intently and you could tell that a passion for mission was rising up inside them.

Desperate to put what they’d heard and learnt into practice, the young people decided to go out on mission themselves on the Sunday afternoon with the Advance Youth and Message Bus teams.

As they put into practice what they’d heard and learnt in the youth tent, the young people got chatting with 30 people who they were able to tell about Jesus and connect with their local church/youth worker.

Two of the people the teams met were two young lads, Craig and Liam. Our Advance Youth chatted with them for a while and told them about Jesus. When the conversation ended, Craig and Liam left only to bump into a local vicar who they knew from a weekly youth group that they sometimes went to and caused a bit of trouble at! The vicar was heading to the Message Bus so invited the lads to come along too, and they decided to go. Onboard, Craig and Liam played Fifa and got chatting with the vicar and local church youth workers more about Jesus and Christianity.  

We love that young people are being equipped by their peers to tell others about Jesus, and lives are being impacted!