3,472 Respond To The Gospel! - The Message
Huge Festival Manchester crowd shot
29 Jul 2022

3,472 Respond To The Gospel!

Festival Manchester saw us stepping out in mission on a scale not seen in a generation, partnering with hundreds of churches and the Luis Palau Association to share the good news of Jesus with people of all ages and from all walks of life across the whole of the North West.

‘Tell me more about Jesus, I need to know him’ was how a festival visitor introduced themselves to one of the team, as Festival Manchester took over Wythenshawe Park from 1 – 3 July. And this was just one of many conversations happening across the park as over 65,000 people flocked to the festival weekend.

As people enjoyed all the free fun on offer, including a fun fair, extreme sports, water zorbs, family fun zone and Battle of Britain fly pasts – as well as live music from Matt Redman, Guvna B, Lecrae, Kingdom Choir and many more – everyone got to hear the gospel boldly proclaimed.

Whether they were on the skate ramps, playing FIFA in the gaming lobby, watching the family shows or enjoying the artists perform, people got to hear how loved they are by Jesus. And as they did 3,472 people responded to the gospel in addition to hundreds of other people who responded at events, gigs and community outreach held as part of the festival’s build-up.

But Festival Manchester was always about more than just a weekend.

Over 86 schools days, teams met with 45,000 young people. As bands took over lessons and assemblies, they played their gospel-filled tracks, shared their testimonies about all God’s done in their lives and invited young people along to the festival weekend.

After one lesson Amongst Wolves had an Instagram message from Jack that said ‘After seeing your schools lesson, I want to change my life and figure out what it looks like to follow Jesus.’ The team had some great conversations with him, but over time these stopped and they started to wonder how he was getting on. A few weeks later, Amongst Wolves were back in the same school running a lunch time gig and one of the teachers came over saying ‘Since the last time you were here, Jack has become a Christian and has been going along to church!’

Another girl who responded during the Festival Manchester build-up was Libby. Having had a tough few years, she realised that Jesus offered her the hope she needed and she gave her life to him. Since then she’s been plugged into a local church and been growing in her faith. Libby’s so desperate to see others discover Jesus that she decided to be part of the response team during the Festival Manchester weekend. One evening she found one of our team and excitedly told them that she’d got to pray with someone as they responded to the gospel for the first time.

Through Festival Manchester we also held many outreach events and dinners. One of these was a banquet for sex workers where the ladies who came along were shown Jesus’ love by the team as they enjoyed a delicious meal and got pampered, all whilst hearing about the hope Jesus offers them. ‘This is the best day of my life. I’ve never felt so safe,’ was what just one of the ladies said as she was welcomed with open arms.

Every person that responded has already been linked with a local church who will disciple them and help them grow in their faith. Do be praying for each person, as they get connected that each decision will grow into lifelong discipleship.