‘I Want To Change My Life’ - The Message
12 Jul 2022

‘I Want To Change My Life’

We’re still in awe of everything God’s been doing through Festival Manchester. The stories are still pouring in of lives transformed by Jesus at the build-up events, over the weekend, and as people start getting plugged into local churches following the festival.

In the build-up to Festival Manchester, we ran our biggest ever schools tour. Over 86 schools days, we met with 45,000 young people! As bands took over lessons and assemblies, they played their gospel-filled tracks, shared their testimonies about all God’s done in their lives and invited young people along to the festival weekend.

After one session Amongst Wolves had an Instagram message through Instagram from Jack who they’d met that day. ‘After seeing your schools lesson, I want to change my life and figure out what it looks like to follow Jesus’ he said. The team had some great conversations with him, but over time these stopped and the team wondered how he had been getting on. A few weeks later, Amongst Wolves were back in the same school running a lunch time gig for the students and one of the teachers came over saying ‘Since the last time you were here, Jack has become a Christian and has been going along to church!’

Another young person that OTC met was Inés. They first met her in school and she got chatting with the team after a lesson, sharing how she wanted to come along to the festival but wasn’t sure if she could make it as she struggled with anxiety especially with people and crowds. OTC prayed that she’d be able to come along and not only did Inés come to the festival on the Friday, she had such a great time that she came back on the Saturday and Sunday! On the Sunday, Inés got chatting with band member James about how much she enjoyed the music and the festival and that she also loves to sing, so James invited her along to our Genetik Summer School programme where young people can explore and express their God-given talents all whilst hearing about Jesus.

It’s been amazing getting to know the young people in schools, seeing them come along to Festival Manchester and seeing them explore more about faith. Please keep praying for all those we met in the run up to the festival and over the weekend, that their lives would be transformed by the love of Jesus.