A Hope For The Future - The Message
11 Oct 2022

A Hope For The Future

This week is Prisons Week where Christians across the UK pray for those living and working in prisons. As we thank God for all he’s doing, we caught up with our Message in Prisons teams to hear what’s been going on.

In Wales, Owain has been getting to know one lad TJ. ‘Every week, TJ came along to a Bible study we were running. One day, he said he was being moved to a different wing and wanted to start a new Bible study group there. Excited about this, TJ gathered a group of lads who started studying Philippians together.

‘One guy who started coming along was Stephen. As he did, he was so impacted by what he heard and read that he decided to give his life to Jesus. As soon as he’d prayed, he looked up and said ‘I wish I’d asked Jesus into my life sooner. I can’t wait to share the news with others!’ How amazing to see people in prison impacted by the love of Jesus and desperate to share this with others so that more people can find out about him.’

Owain has also been journeying with Adam for over a year, and just last month he left prison. ‘Before he left, we prayed together as he started this new season,’ Owain said. ‘Normally he would leave prison with no support, limited accommodation and fall back into bad habits but now he has his own room, a Christian community that supports one another and a loving church family. Adam’s told me, ‘This is opening my eyes to a new way of living. I don’t have to be afraid or act like a gangster anymore. I now have hope for the future!”

And we’re seeing God transform lives across the country. In the East Midlands, Lydia was being bullied on the wing and it was really affecting her mental health and wellbeing. She got chatting to our prisons worker Abi about how she was feeling and Abi offered to pray for God’s peace and for things to change. Shortly after, Lydia said the bullying miraculously stopped and as a result she no longer feels tempted to self-harm and is feeling more positive. Abi has also connected her in with a church who are coming to visit her regularly and continue to give her support.

Abi also got chatting to a member of the staff in the prison who was also struggling and wanted someone to talk to. Off the back of prayer with them and sharing about Jesus, Abi is going to start a new staff prayer meeting in the prison!


Do join us in praying for people in prison and find out more about Prisons Week at prisonsweek.org

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