Disciples Making Disciples - The Message
27 Sep 2022

Disciples Making Disciples

It’s amazing to hear about what God’s been doing through Message in Prisons so we caught up with prison workers Elisha, Mark and Tim to find out more.


‘I love coming alongside the lads in the prison and encouraging them in their faith. As they find out more about Jesus, we’ve seen many deciding to give their lives to God. The other week, a few of the lads and I were planning their baptism service. As we were chatting, one lad Finley asked if the baptism pool could be put in the prison courtyard so more of the guys in prison could come along to the baptism service, hear their testimonies and about the hope they’ve found in Jesus. We’re trying to see if we can make this happen for them, but it’s so great seeing the lads have their lives changed by Jesus and then step up and out sharing their faith with their mates.’


‘Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing over in Yorkshire. I’ve been getting to know Pete who recently started talking to me as I was walking past his cell saying, ‘I’ve just given my life to Jesus!’ I was amazed as he’d been watching Barry Woodward’s story and was so impacted by what he heard and the gospel message that he gave his life to Jesus there and then! So excited about his new faith, Pete was desperate to come along to Alpha and invited along four of his mates too. By the end of the course, three of his mates also accepted Jesus into their lives!’


‘And our Message in Prisons work doesn’t stop at the prison gates. I’ve known PJ for years and recently reconnected with him. He was released from prison several years ago but recently found himself homeless after suffering from domestic violence. Having also lost his job, his car and access to his children, he was at rock bottom when he called me asking for help as he was on top of a motorway bridge. I was able to share about the hope I find in Jesus and support him in his difficult situations. Fast forward to now, it’s been great to see all God’s done in PJ’s life. We’ve been able to help him get a flat, he’s got a business up and running, and he’s coming along to church every week with his kids.’