A week of mission in Trowbridge - The Message
30 Jun 2020

A week of mission in Trowbridge

At the beginning of June, our team in Wales partnered with Bethania Church to do a weeks worth of mission to bless their local community in Trowbridge. Cerys Gemma, our Operations and Development manager for Wales, shares about the exciting events of the week.


On Monday we aimed to bless the people of Trowbridge with gift bags for each family. Along with volunteers from Bethania Church we prepared and packed gift bags for eight streets in the area which covered 281 houses. 

There were fun things like sweets, colouring sheets and bouncy balls, Bible verse postcards and information about what we were offering that week. 

This was a great way to greet the community and start making connections. As we gave the gift bags to the residents there was opportunities to share what we were doing and why. We even had the opportunity to pray with a few neighbours.

One elderly lady shared with us how she was really missing going to church on a Sunday and so we prayed a blessing over her. This was such an encouragement to her; she wasn’t able to go to church and had been confined to her house for the last few months, but we brought the church to her. 

Gifts bags full of sweets, toys and Bible passages to give out to the community of Trowbridge


Then on Wednesday we took Hawaiian Santa out on a sleigh to visit the same streets, with a team handing out candy canes and invitations to our Friday Sing Along!

This was a great way to further connect with the community and get people out on their front doors and engage with us – it definitely put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. 

At one point, there were several young mums outside a block of flats. One appeared to be heavily pregnant so I asked when her baby was due. She replied ‘today’!

I immediately said ‘Oh let’s pray’. So. prayed for the mother and asked for a safe delivery. She, along with the others gathered around were really blessed that we’d taken the time to pray.

Hawaiian Santa handing out gifts to the community of Trowbridge


On Friday we went back out to the same community with a trailer, pumping out loud music and encouraging people to come out of their houses, dressed in a welsh shirt or costume. We launched into a community sing-along of ‘Bread of Heaven’ followed by a short gospel message proclaiming the good news of Jesus. 

There were some good opportunities to speak to people about the message being preached and we were able to pray with a number of the community.

Three young people after hearing the gospel who are now going to engage with their local church

The three young people pictured above responded really positively to the gospel message on the Friday. They said they liked what was said and it was something they were going to think about. So, I encouraged them to watch the4points course on the churches Facebook page.  

Check out this short highlights video from the week below: