Showing Our Love For Wythenshawe - The Message
Clearing Litter in Wythenshawe

Showing Our Love For Wythenshawe

This week a small army of volunteers have been showing Jesus’ love to Wythenshawe in word and deed, clearing and clean community spaces, tidying gardens, removing over 10 tonnes of rubbish from the local area and delivering meals to the most vulnerable families in the area. Wherever teams have been they’ve shared the gospel with people and offered to pray for them.

It’s been a week packed full of stories and here are just a few of them for you.


Having finished the garden they were working on, one of the teams spoke to the neighbour next door and asked if he’d like his garden doing too. He was thrilled and the team quickly set to work. As they chatted to him, he was asking why they were out gardening and they got a chance to explain the4points to him. As he heard about Jesus he decided there and then that he wanted to give his life to God and the team were able to pray with him. He’s so keen to learn more about his new faith that he’s already met up with someone from a local church to begin his discipleship.  


The next day, a volunteer got chatting to a lady who told her that she was an atheist.

As they spoke she shared that she’d had a tough life, in and out of foster homes and felt unloved. And this had led her to not believing in God. Our volunteer was then able to say her life had been very similar, but that God had changed her story, and now she knows she’s loved and knows her true value. The lady went away having heard that there is a God that loves her, and how to find out about him.

Some of the amazing Love Wythenshawe team.


After clearing bags of rubbish from a footpath, one of our teams decided that rather than downing tools they’d go into the nearby estate and see if anyone wanted their gardens tidying. They were soon busy working on a few gardens in one street with the neighbours sitting out watching them and chatting to them. As they worked, the lads working shared the4points with the neighbours and told them more about Jesus. Each of them wanted to find out more and are now part of one of the online the4points courses that are running.


Whilst working in a garden one of our teams going talking to the lady who lived there. She listened intently as they told her more about the4points and responded to the gospel. Afterwards they asked if there was anything in particular they could pray for for her. She went on to say she had problems with her right knee that caused her severe pain in that knee as well as both hips. Blown away one of the team members handed her a card she’d written after hearing from God about the fact she was going to meet a lady with the exact pain she described. As they got to pray for her she was instantly healed. Praise God!

Please do keep praying for everyone who has heard the gospel this week and that they’ll get plugged into the discipleship courses being running online.

Our teams will be out running more Love Where You Live projects across the country soon. You can hear more about these and how you can get involved by signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media.


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