‘I’m A Lost Sheep, Tell Me More About Jesus’ - The Message

‘I’m A Lost Sheep, Tell Me More About Jesus’

Last week our North East hub were in Stockton sharing Jesus’ love in word and deed with the people of Shaftesbury Street.

Over five days the team partnered with Tees Valley Community Church to tidy gardens, clear litter from streets and spend time getting to know their neighbours. As they chatted about the highs and lows of lockdown life, they were able to tell people about the hope Jesus offers, and to pray with them.

Whilst volunteering Steve met Abdul who had found his life spiral out of control after his wife and child had left him. As he tried desperately to block out the pain he was feeling he found himself relying more and more on drink and drugs and had hit rock bottom.

As he listened Steve was able to share how similar his story was to Abduls and how he’d battled addictions, finding Jesus when he was in a Christian rehab centre. He went on to share that how the pain and emptiness he once felt had disappeared forever when he’d discovered the love and hope Jesus offers him, and that today his life was transformed. After they’d prayed together Steve mentioned the prayer meetings the team were holding each morning in the street.

The next day Abdul came and found the team. His first words were ‘I’m a lost sheep, tell me more about Jesus.’ As they prayed for him and told him how loved he was by God, Abdul said he felt peaceful for the first time in ages. The team were then able to introduce him to people from the local church who will be able to help and support him as he looks to turn his life around and learn more about Jesus.