Advancing The Gospel Around The Globe - The Message
23 Feb 2021

Advancing The Gospel Around The Globe

With already over 950 groups across 55 nations, we’re so excited to see how God is using Advance Groups to encourage and equip men and women right across the world in their evangelism.

Our Global Advance Day last month saw 500 new groups launch across the world and we’re excited to see what God’s going to do through these! As members dig in and get serious about sharing their faith we’re hearing some truly inspirational stories from some of our Global Ambassadors.

Franciele, Brazil:

‘I grew up in a Christian church and always believed that evangelism was complicated, hard and something reserved for specific people with the right skills – definitely not me! As a result, I don’t remember sharing my faith with anyone. That all changed six months ago when I was invited to be part of an Advance Group here in Brazil and the honesty and fellowship that I found was amazing. I could be real about my fears and doubts about evangelism, and I soon discovered that many people felt the same as me. But as I continued to go along to group meetings, prayed with the others and pressed into God’s heart for mission and sharing the gospel, I started to get much more confident about who I am, about sharing who God is and all he has done for me. Evangelism is much easier for me now and I am excited to see how God will use me next.’

Michelle, UK: 

‘I’ve been leading an Advance Group for 10 months now, and throughout this time I’ve seen how people’s boldness in evangelism has grown through the group. It’s not because they discovered a magic formula or a special technique to evangelise, but because they understood that who they are, and that their relationship with God is more important than any technique or process to share Jesus with their friends. This realisation changes everything and helps us boldly share the love and hope of the gospel with everyone around us. What a great journey that has transformed my life and all those in my group!’

Our vision is to see Advance Groups discipling, equipping and empowering men and women to share the good news of Jesus with all they meet in every single country!


If you’d like to know more about or join a group yourself, visit And if you want to grow in your evangelism then why not check out our new fortnightly teaching series, Advance Inspire, that will challenge and inspire you in your mission.