27 Mar 2020

Good News Of Great Joy For All

Do you desire to be able to communicate the gospel clearly, whether you’re having personal conversations or preaching from a platform?

Here at The Message our heart has and always will be to share the good news of Jesus and equip others to do the same. A few years ago, Andy Hawthorne had a vision to start meeting regularly with twelve other preaching evangelists so that they could all develop and sharpen each other’s giftings. The group started meeting every month to study the Bible, pray together, encourage each other and sharpen their gifting for evangelism. Having found these times so worthwhile, each member of the group felt called to not keep this to themselves and set up their own groups. And the Advance Groups network was born.

Going Global

What started as twelve evangelists meeting in Andy’s office in Manchester five years ago has grown into a truly global movement. Advance Groups are already in 27 nations across the globe with another 23 nations launching groups imminently.

Here in the UK, there are over 160 groups up and running in homes, churches, workplaces and cafés with new groups launching weekly. That’s more than 1,000 people, of all ages, talents and personality types, passionate about reaching their friends, families and communities with the good news, meeting regularly to sharpen their gospel-centred character and become more effective in evangelism.

But it doesn’t stop there. Groups are multiplying rapidly around the whole world. Local evangelists are hearing about Advance and working with us to start groups in order to reach their home nations with the gospel.

Groups are multiplying rapidly around the world

We’re blown away by the doors God is opening up. The Advance group mentoring guide has already been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Swahili and Lugandan to name but a few languages. And daily we’re hearing amazing stories from groups.

For example, in Andhra Pradesh, India they have just celebrated the baptism of two new believers who heard about the love of Jesus when members of an Advance Group shared with them. And in Uganda more than 400 people gave their lives to Christ in one day as an Advance group took to the streets together to share the hope of the gospel.


Interested in being part of an Advance Group? Head to advancegroups.org to find out how.