Bringing Generational Blessing - The Message
22 Jul 2021

Bringing Generational Blessing

Across the UK, our Eden teams have been coming up with creative ways to get alongside their communities showing them the love of Jesus. We caught up with our team in Sheffield to hear what they have been up to.

Becky and the team at Eden Fir Vale have been running a maths club which they hope will have an empowering generational impact!

During the lockdowns, the team were shocked to see how much poverty and generational injustice there was in education in the local area. They saw that how well parents had done at school was influencing how much support children were getting at home – all made worse by the digital divide that emerged during lockdowns.

But after being inspired by the song, The Blessing, with the lyrics, ‘May his favour be upon you and a thousand generations, and your family and your children, and their children, and their children’, the team were moved to reverse the trend of generational injustice to generational blessing, and set up a maths club to support and empower young people in the area in their education.

Becky shared ‘By starting with maths and supporting young people to succeed at school, our prayer is that we can journey with these young people as they learn more about Jesus, walk with God and experience real blessing in their lives. We pray that this then passes on from this generation to the next and the next!’

As our Eden teams continue to step out empowering and blessing their local communities, sharing the love of Jesus in all they do, keep praying they would find new and creative ways to reach out to their neighbours and build long-lasting gospel-filled relationships.


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