God Is Always There For Us - The Message
06 Sep 2021

God Is Always There For Us

We recently caught up with Eden Hexham’s new team leader Joe and his wife Anna who have truly hit the ground running as since July, they’ve shared the gospel at every opportunity and have seen lives transformed!

During one project this summer, the team organised garden make-overs for their neighbours, where they met Alison. Joe said, ‘It was amazing doing Alison’s garden and we were so happy because she was so happy! Going the extra mile for our neighbours makes our community different so we praise God for the joy we are spreading.’

Joe also shared with us a story of transformation from one of their new team members, Mags. Before knowing Jesus, Mags couldn’t eat with people due to an eating disorder but when she accepted Jesus into her life, she was healed and was able to share a meal with the team! Joe said, ‘It was very touching and so beautiful to hear her story of coming to know Jesus. Mags shared that she never believed she was worthy, valued or loved until she encountered God. She’s now found her true identity in Christ. Isn’t that amazing? What would be more beautiful? Mags can’t wait to get stuck in with more of the Eden team’s work in Hexham and she already always goes above and beyond to support her community. We’re so grateful to have her on our team, but most importantly we’re celebrating with her that she’s found Jesus!’

‘We know life is tough for many of the people we meet each day in Hexham, and we don’t have all the answers, but we can share the good news that, through it all, God is always there with us, for us and is the one who carries us through.’


Do you want to find out more about Eden and get involved with one of the teams? Come along to our next Exploring Eden event on 14 October or visit joineden.org