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Taking Respect ME into prison

Since October our team in Wales have been taking Respect ME lessons into a prison in South Wales. This is the first time these lessons have been taken into this prison. We’ve delivered lessons covering topics including self-esteem and bullying.

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Message prisons worker

15 years of prisons ministry

It’s been 15 years since I joined The Message as a Prisons Outreach Worker. I always thought I’d stick around for no more than five years, but here I am! I’d never stepped foot inside a prison before and to be honest I was a little apprehensive. I believed that I’d clearly heard from God […]

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My Fresh Start

We met Dennis at the house his building team are helping to renovate. To see him laughing and joking with everyone it’s hard to imagine what his life was like before he met Christ.

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Message prisons worker talking to an inmate

Message in Prisons | Dale’s Story

Dale’s Story I grew up in what you’d call a ‘normal’ family. I always knew my parents, brothers and sister loved me and I felt supported by them, I just made some bad choices. Everything was going OK until I left school and fell in with the wrong crowd. I started living for the weekend […]

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