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Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Armour of God’

Bill Hogg – ‘Holy Spirit’

Today's prayer point

Tonight we're holding a fundraising dinner for our work in London. Please pray that people catch our vision and are moved to support out work across London.

Ben Jack – ‘Jesus is God’

Sam Ward – ‘Made in the image’

Session Three: What is the gospel?

Having talked through evangelism as the proclamation of the good news in the last session, we now make time to explore the gospel itself. What is the gospel? Do we have a sufficient understanding of the message we preach to…

One Thing: Nothing is too small to be used by God

Gavin Calver shares the one thing he wished he knew before he started preaching the gospel

Andy Hawthorne

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Renewing your mind’

One Thing: Your Story Is Powerful

Joe Barrett shares one thing he wish he knew before preaching the gospel.

One Thing: Know the gospel really well

Joe Boston shares one thing he wish he knew before preaching the gospel…

Karen Wheaton – ‘Get Over The Line’

Sam Ward

Sam Ward – From Death to Life

Session Two: What Is Evangelism?

In this second group session we can start to unpack the concept of evangelism, and what it means to be an evangelist.

One Thing: Be Excited

Emma Owen discusses how one thing to remember preaching the gospel is to be excited!

Message Wales Podcast – Mark Lyndon-Jones

Stacie Reeser – Encountering The Resurrection

Message Wales Podcast – Episode One

James Aladiran – The Fire Within

Tim Tucker – ‘Sanctify Your Soul’

Carl Beech

Carl Beech – ‘Be Still’

Martin Storey – ‘Birthing a Vision’