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The latest from Teaching

Mark Greenwood – A Divine Operation

The Least of All Time – Sam Ward

Sam Ward looks at the words of John the Baptist in Luke 3 and explores the hope Jesus’ baptism offers

Today's prayer point

Pray for our Academy students as they head out on their placements. Pray for boldness as they share the gospel with those they meet.

Fully Equipped – Colin Urquhart

Legendary renewal leader Colin Urquhart reminds us that we’ve been given everything we need to play our part in seeing God move. 

Pete Greig – There is Hope

Sam Ward – Proximity and Proclamation

Andy Hawthorne – Here I Am

Ben Jack – Back to basics

Emma Owen – Let’s talk about sex!

Andy Hawthorne – See I’m doing a new thing

Pete Greig – Pray like it matters

Tim Mycock and Sarah Belcher – Breaking the cycle

Tom Grant & Sarah Small – How to reach urban communities

Tom Butler – Getting in the door

Pete Greig – We Must Go – Message Conference 2019

Awakened to the Call

In this exclusive extract from his new book Here I Am, Andy Hawthorne unpacks how we can wake up to God’s call on our lives 

Andy Hawthorne – Jesus at the Temple

Sam Ward – The Wait is Over

Andy Hawthorne – Walk in humility

Glyn Barrett – Atmosphere

Ben Jack – Be Steadfast