Darkness Fleeing - The Message
07 May 2024

Darkness Fleeing

Last week, some of our Message School of Evangelism (MSE) students headed out on mission with Message Germany. As they spoke at festivals, schools, conferences and took to the streets, they shared the gospel with 2,200 people and saw 75 give their lives to Jesus! We caught up with the team to find out how the mission week went.


The team started the day by heading into a school where they got to share music, testimonies and the gospel. The young people were so open and interested in finding out more about God, and their teacher even said, ‘This was brilliant! Please can you come again to my classes? We need your message!’

In the evening, they headed to a local Walpurgis Night where there were 350 people gathered to take part in the pagan festival. The students and Message Germany team got to speak to lots of people about Jesus and share the gospel, as well as pray with them. NGHTNDAY, our German mission band, also got to perform from stage and share testimonies of how Jesus changed their life and gave them hope. 

‘As we were sharing the love of Jesus from stage, we could feel the darkness fleeing. The Holy Spirit was so present’, said Sven. The Walpurgis Night co-ordinator told the team that they’d never had so much joy and such a positive atmosphere at the festival before.


The team had a huge day as they ran 15 classes in a Christian school as well as an assembly. As Germany team member, Haviva, shared her testimony, the whole room was silent. The team then went on to share the gospel and remind the young people about their identity in God. As they did this, the Holy Spirit was in the room and the students couldn’t believe their eyes as young people started to cry. 

That evening the students headed to a youth group in a tough neighbourhood to spend time playing sports with the young people, as well as performing their gospel-packed tracks and sharing their stories of how Jesus has freed them from different battles including drug addiction, self-harming and depression. Many young people came for prayer afterwards. Conrad, the leader of the youth group, said, ‘These young people are normally uninterested in God and don’t open up about what’s going on in their lives. It was a miracle to see them share more, receive prayer and leave feeling joyful.’ 


Out in another school, the students ran lessons on mental health. Some of the girls in the class were particularly impacted by what was spoken about and got talking to the team after class. The MSE team were able to pray with the girls, encourage them to get support, and invite them to the end-of-week evangelistic gig happening that night. 

It was brilliant to see 110 young people, who the team had met through the week, come along to the gig. As the hope of Jesus was shared from the stage, 25 young people responded and gave their lives to God. 


As a Christian conference took place in Saxony, Message Germany led outreach with 40 people in the city centre. As part of this, they chatted with those they met about Jesus’ love, including Leon and Ben.

When the lads heard that student Naomi was from England, they asked, ‘Why have you come to such a dark place?’ This gave her the opportunity to share her testimony about how God had healed her from a chronic illness, and how because of this she wanted to share the love of Jesus with others. 

Leon was amazed but felt that, because he’d messed up in life, he had no hope. Hub leader Sven got to share his testimony, which was similar to Leon’s experiences, and Leon replied, ‘I really need God, but I can’t believe that God would love me with so much sin in my past’. The team got to pray that Leon would experience Jesus and invited him along to a local church. He left with more hope and wanting to find out more.

What a week! And it’s not stopping there with more mission planned for Message Germany and our MSE students over the coming weeks.


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