Faith That Grows - The Message
01 Mar 2024

Faith That Grows

God has been on the move across our Eden network. We caught up with a couple team leaders who have seen breakthroughs as they reach people for Jesus in word and action.

One lad that Luke from Eden West Bowling (Bradford) has been getting to know is Daniel. Daniel was finding life tough and, at his lowest, tried to end his life. Reaching out to him, Luke and the Eden team have been able to get to know Daniel and invite him along to church. After one service, they were walking together and Daniel shared some of his favourite verses in the Bible. Luke said, ‘I was struck afresh by how incredible God is at turning lives around. It’s such a privilege to be part of that journey, even if it’s hard at the time. In moments like that, you really see what God is doing.’

In Ragworth, our team have been getting to know Kevin. As they spent time with him at the community allotment, the team would chat to Kevin about their faith and the hope they find in Jesus. At first, he wasn’t interested in finding out about God and would often change the subject. But over time, he started to be more open to the team sharing about Jesus and at Christmas, Kevin messages the team asking if he could find out more. That then sparked a conversation where Eden team leader Paul was able to share the gospel with Kevin and lead him to Jesus. Since then, he’s been growing in faith and coming along to church every week, excited to find out more about God.

This has also been happening in Hexham. After connecting with the Eden team, Stacey gave her life to Jesus but when she was excitedly telling her partner, Steve, what had happened, he wasn’t excited for her and didn’t want to hear more about faith or connect with the Eden team. Steve’s a gardener, and on one of his biggest jobs, Joe from the Eden team, offered to give him a hand. Over the three days, they worked on the garden, and got chatting about Jesus. Joe invited Steve to join the Alpha course they were running, and at the end of the Alpha course Steve gave his life to Jesus! And not only that, but he’s joined the Eden team, and is getting to tell other people about Jesus.