Getting Even Bolder - The Message
01 Feb 2022

Getting Even Bolder

Over the last couple of weeks, Advance Youth in Barnet, headed up by Bekah Young, has been meeting and we’ve seen young people learning how to boldly share the gospel with those around them. But as always it’s not just about learning, they’ve been putting what they’ve learnt into practice too. We caught up with Amy and Shanice to hear what they’ve been up to.


‘I’ve been enjoying learning about Jesus sending out the 72 people in Luke chapter 10 and what it means for us as we share the gospel today.

‘Initially I was really scared to take the streets, and offer to pray for people in my local area as I’d never done anything like that before. But after reading Luke 10, I prayed for boldness and for Jesus to help me be more like the 72 who were sent out. I ended up chatting with a lady I met and got to pray with her. She shared she’d been struggling with her finances so I asked that God would provide for her and show her his love in a new way. I’d never prayed out loud before, so it was a new thing for me and actually it wasn’t as scary as I thought! I feel like I can pray for people more confidently than before now!’


‘I first heard about Advance Youth through a Bible study in my school, and I was really excited to join! I’ve recently got baptised and since then have feel like I want to keep pressing into God and growing in my faith! When we did the door-knocking and prayed for people, my group asked those we met if they’d like any prayer for healing. One guy we spoke to shared that he was feeling like he didn’t want to live anymore. Even though I didn’t know what to say at first, as we prayed together, I really felt like God gave me the words I need to encourage this guy and to share the love, hope and peace of Jesus with him. It’s amazing to grow and step out in boldness through Advance Youth and I’m excited for the next gathering and what God will do!’


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