Grabbing Every Opportunity For Jesus - The Message
04 Jan 2022

Grabbing Every Opportunity For Jesus

We love it when young people get passionate about sharing the gospel with their friends and families and seeing them use every opportunity to do this.

Isaiah is part of Advance Youth in the North East, and is constantly looking for opportunities to chat those around him about Jesus. As part of an English exam he was sitting recently, he had to give a presentation on a topic of his choosing. Initially, he thought he’d talk about his passion for running, but as he was preparing, he felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit saying, ‘Why don’t you speak about Jesus?’  

So, drawing on what he’d learnt through Advance Youth, Isaiah decided to step out and use  the chance to speak openly about his faith, why he’s a Christian, why he loves Jesus and to explain the message of the gospel. To his surprise, when he’d finished, seven hands went up wanting to ask him about Jesus. The teacher allowed him to answer some questions there and then and the questions carried on after the lesson too. Now he’s regularly sharing the gospel in school and is finding opportunity after opportunity to share with his friends!

In Enfield, London, young people are doing the same thing. Aleksander has been coming along to Advance Youth sessions for two years and is constantly sharing about Jesus with his friends and he’s even seen two of them come to faith this past year! The other day he was praying about having more opportunities to share the gospel and then grabbed the chance to invite seven of his mates along to an outreach event where the gospel was being shared. Off the back of this, two of his friends came along to church and Aleksander is now starting a bible study with one of them.

Cariad’s also been stepping out and seeing God use her to share his love with those around her. After being equipped in her evangelism during Advance Youth The Gathering, Cariad has been growing in boldness and grabbing every opportunity for Jesus. Recently she was walking her dog and felt drawn to a woman sat by herself looking low. As they got chatting, the woman opened up to Cariad about the difficult things happening in her life. So Cariad grabbed the chance to share about her own relationship with God and all that Jesus had done for her. The woman was keen to find out more and asked Cariad if she could pray with her. As they prayed, the woman started to look lighter and brighter and wants to come along to church.


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