Here To Be Scattered - The Message
10 Aug 2021

Here To Be Scattered

We want to see a generation of young people rise up who are passionate about taking the good news of Jesus outside of the walls of the church, and who are equipped to do just that. This is what THE SCATTERING is all about!

This summer (and all summer long) teenagers across the country will be taking to the streets for three days of mission where they’ll be set challenges that will see them grow in their faith and evangelism as they discover a new boldness for telling people about Jesus.

As they’re scattered and sent out around the UK, lives will be changed.

Jen’s Story

During a previous mission, Courtney met Jen while she was prayer walking a local estate and started chatting to her. As the conversation went on, Courtney was able to tell her about Jesus. As they talked, Jen burst into tears and shared that she’d always thought she wasn’t worthy of Jesus’ love and had been doing everything she could to avoid finding out more about him. As Courtney shared about Jesus’ love and offered her a Bible, Jen gave her life to Jesus. And a year later she’s still coming along to church regularly and is desperate to learn more about Jesus.

Pete’s Story

At a BBQ the local church were holding for the community, Kenny met Pete and got to tell him about Jesus using the three circles model he’d been taught on the mission. As he listened Pete was impacted by hearing the gospel so clearly that he gave his life to Jesus there and then. One year on Pete has been baptised and has thrown himself into the local church, serving in lots of different ways.

Not only have the young people seen those they’ve chatted to coming to know Jesus, but as a result of them stepping out in boldness they are changed too.

Ben’s Story

One lad, Ben, got up at the end of a previous mission week and took the mic. As he started talking, he shared how he had always struggled with how people often turned him away but went on to say, ‘I have learnt that rejection is all part of following Jesus. If he was rejected then I will be too. And, if I share with Jesus in his suffering then I will share in his glory.’ As he handed the microphone back you could see that he had got it, and his faith had grown as he stepped out.

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do this summer. Do be praying for the young people as they head out on mission: that they’ll see lives transformed and a passion for evangelism will be ignited in each of their hearts.


And it’s not too late for you to get involved too!

We’ve got all the resources, information and challenges you need for free, all you need to do is sign up and get your youth group excited about mission! For more information and to take part in a summer you won’t forget, visit