Faith On The Front Foot - The Message
20 Apr 2021

Faith On The Front Foot

We love nothing more than seeing young people totally on fire for Jesus grabbing hold of every opportunity to tell people about him. We want to see more of this and dream of a generation passionate about sharing their faith rising up across our nation.

To make this happen we not only need to pray but equip and empower young people too. This is what Advance Youth is all about.

As young people throw themselves in, they start to see sharing their faith as an adventure and step out with a new boldness. But discipleship and mission must always go hand in hand. Through monthly gatherings – in person and online – 11–18 year olds who are part of Advance Youth are trained and equipped to share the gospel and hit the streets to put into practice what they are learning.

During their summer holidays they head out on a week of mission where they partner with local churches to they proclaim the gospel to the community. All this creates a culture of front-foot Christianity. They begin to create their own stories with God rather than living off their parents or leaders’ stories. This is young people leading young people to Jesus.

Over 60 young people are already part of Advance Youth and we’ve seen them all stepping out with a new boldness. In schools, they’ve started their own Christian Unions where they share their faith with their friends. And lockdown hasn’t even stopped the young people in their mission. From online social media challenges to sharing their testimonies, our Advance Youth members have taken every opportunity they can to develop in their evangelism and share Jesus’ love.

We have a vision to see many more young people across the UK get involved in Advance Youth so are launching two brand new hubs in London and the North East that will equip and empower teens!


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