Going With Boldness - The Message
02 Mar 2021

Going With Boldness

Last Saturday, 60 young people came together online to be equipped and empowered in sharing the gospel at the latest Advance Youth – The Gathering event.

The day focused on Ephesians 6 and explored how we can have our feet fitted with the readiness that comes with the gospel of peace. By looking at how the gospel is an urgent message that we need to share with everyone that we meet, how evangelists seize every opportunity to share the love of God in all they do, and how we need boldness as a gift from the Holy Spirit to do this, the young people were inspired and encouraged to share the gospel with their friends regardless of their initial confidence levels!

Due to current restrictions, we were not able to take to the streets and support the young people as they put into practice what they’d just learnt but we set them social media challenges instead. Each young person was encouraged to head online, share their faith and point those around them to Jesus, whilst also using every opportunity possible to have conversations about faith and the love of God with their non-Christian friends.

And the response has been amazing. Emily*, told us how she’d never felt brave enough to talk to her friends about Jesus, but after we prayed with her, she felt God had given her a fresh boldness! Later that evening, she got in touch with one of her friends who was on her heart and asked if she could pray for them. Her friend was really open to this and Emily went on to tell her more about Jesus!

On Saturday we also launched two brand new hubs for Advance Youth in the North East and in North London! We’re so excited to see what’s going to happen in the lives of these young people as they press into God and seize opportunities to share about Him with those around them.

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*name changed