Grabbing Gospel Opportunities - The Message
08 Jun 2021

Grabbing Gospel Opportunities

Advance Groups across the globe gathered online last week to share stories and encouragements about what God has been doing in and through their groups. Spanning 60 nations everyone who tuned in couldn’t help but being encouraged, equipped and sent out again to boldly share the gospel in all they do.

One of the stories shared was about Miguel in Brazil who, during an Advance Group session, had shared that he wanted to tell one of his friends who was struggling about Jesus. The very next day as Miguel was worshipping at home, he got a call from his friend. Grabbing this opportunity to share the gospel, Miguel chatted with his friend about his own experiences of the love, peace and hope that Jesus offers. Touched by this and moved to find out more for himself, Miguel’s friend gave his life to Jesus there and then on the phone call and is already plugged into a church and can’t wait to see all that God has in store for him.

Closer to home in the UK, Advance Group member Liam told a story of how he wanted to use the fact he was having kitchen repairs done to boldly share the gospel with the workers coming in and out of the house. The day after Liam prayed with his group, he was chatting with Steve, the builder. As they talked Liam quietly prayed that he would find a good way to bring up his faith and share the gospel with Steve. But before he had a chance to do anything else, Steve started chatting about God. Seizing this opportunity, Liam shared about how Jesus had moved in his life and then explained the gospel to Steve. 90 minutes later, Steve was still desperate to learn more about Jesus and asked Liam for a Bible so he could go away and read more! Even after the building work finished, Liam and Steve are still in touch and chat about Jesus regularly, with Steve making big strides in his faith each time they meet.


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