Mobilising Global Evangelists - The Message
28 Jun 2021

Mobilising Global Evangelists

Our Advance Groups have been growing from strength to strength as evangelists around the world gather to be equipped and empowered to share the love of Jesus in every opportunity.

We caught up with some of our Advance Ambassadors to hear more about what’s been happening:

In Sierra Leone, where over 75% of the population are Muslims, Will has been using the Advance resources to train and mobilise evangelists across the country. As he and his group have been growing in boldness and stepping out in faith, they’ve not been able to stop telling people about Jesus. In the past few weeks, over 5,000 people have heard the gospel through just seven members of the Advance Group!

Over in Oregon, USA, Brad shared that before being part of an Advance Group he thought he ‘knew what an evangelist does and what they believe’. But after joining the group where they share experiences and encourage each other to grab every opportunity to share the love of Jesus, Brad learned so much more of God’s heart for the evangelist and said ‘Advance has been the catalyst for me to further develop my own ministry and evangelism. A year on from joining the group, we are all still spurring one another on to share the gospel in every way we can!’

When Mark was sharing about Advance with evangelists in Uganda, one of guys listening stood up and said, ‘I have been praying for this type of tool for my family’ and he can’t wait to be further equipped, encouraged and sent out in his evangelism across Uganda! And in Ghana, the Advance team are hosting graduation ceremonies for evangelists that have been trained through Advance and are now starting to launch their own groups. It’s amazing to see how God is raising up evangelists, building their confidence and creating disciples who go out and do the same!


Do be praying for our Advance Groups across the world as they grow and develop their calling to share the gospel with everyone around them. Want to find out more about Advance or even join a group too? Visit