Hitting The Streets - The Message
25 May 2021

Hitting The Streets

Our Message Academy students are out on mission and last week headed to Merseybank for a week of social action, community service and street evangelism. As they chatted to people, prayed for those they met, delivered flowers, litter picked and showed Jesus’ love to the area they saw God move and people respond to the gospel.

To brighten up gardens and show love to the community, Jacob was part of the team who headed out delivering flowers one day. One of the doors he knocked on belonged to Daryl*. ‘As we chatted, we got to share the gospel with Daryl and tell him what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus. We then asked him if he wanted to know Jesus, and there and then he said yes and invited Jesus into his life for the first time!’

One lady the students kept bumping into and talking to was Chantelle*. ‘At one evening event, the gospel was being shared and I spotted Chantelle again looking a bit lost,’ Alice shared, ‘I went over to her and we started chatting again and she told me how she missed hearing the gospel message as she was distracted by a friend. I grabbed the chance to tell her about Jesus and asked her if she’d like to give her life to Jesus and she said yes! We prayed together and invited Jesus into her life and already she is so excited and hungry to find out more about God!’

Another evening, the students helped out at a community BBQ and whilst there, Max felt led to chat to Gareth*. As they spoke he told them that he was a Catholic and they got to ask him if he wanted to experience more of Jesus. He was really excited to find out more so Max shared the gospel with him and Gareth prayed a prayer of salvation right there and then!

During one outreach event, Salome saw Bethany* standing by herself. Salome went over to her and told her how much God loves her and how wonderful he thinks she is. ‘I felt God nudge me to be bold and to share the gospel with Bethany even though I was so nervous about doing this – but I did it anyway and to my surprise, Bethany was so engaged and wanted to learn more! At the end of the event, she even gave her life to Jesus and was so excited to know more about him!’

In total 12 people gave their lives to Jesus last week in Merseybank! So as their mission weeks continue, we can’t wait to hear more stories of what God is doing through our Academy students.


Would you like to be challenged to step out in faith sharing the gospel with those around you? Well if you’re aged 17-25 then Message Academy might be for you! Find out more at academy.message.org.uk

*Names have been changed