Parkour And The Gospel - The Message
16 Mar 2021

Parkour And The Gospel

Despite the lockdown restrictions, our Academy Students are still seizing every opportunity possible to share the gospel. One of our students, Henry, was recently out on a detached youth work placement with Eden Partington where he got chatting with some young lads and grabbed the opportunity to pray with them and introduce them to Jesus:

‘Whilst on our youth work placement, we stumbled across a group of year seven lads who were playing in the street and doing parkour. We’d met Jack* before and got chatting with him about how he was finding life at the moment as the last time we saw him, we prayed with him about his anger issues. Jack told us that the prayer really seemed to have made a difference and he was feeling much less angry than before.

‘After hearing this, one of Jack’s mates opened up about also having anger issues and so I offered to pray with him, that he would experience God’s peace in a new way. I then grabbed the opportunity to ask if they ever prayed themselves and if they believed in God. The lads shared that they did pray sometimes and chatted about what knowledge they had about the Bible from their school RE lessons. Seeing they wanted to learn more, I then asked if I could tell them more about Jesus and they said yes!

‘Sharing the gospel, I told them that this God who had helped with their anger issues would actually come and live inside of them if they asked for his forgiveness and chose to follow Jesus. They were amazed that God would forget about all the things they’d done wrong in the past and were so excited to start a friendship with Jesus, so we prayed together and they gave their lives to Jesus! We invited the lads along to the youth group that the Eden team run weekly and we are hoping that we will be able to disciple them in this amazing journey!’

*name changed


Do keep praying for the Academy students as they step out in faith sharing the gospel with those around them. And if you know of a young person aged 17-25 who would like to develop their evangelism skills and spend a year digging into the Bible, then why not invite them along to our next online Academy open day happening on Friday 21 May. Visit to request more information.