Hope, Identity And Dance - The Message
26 Jan 2021

Hope, Identity And Dance

Through music, dance and singing our Genetik sessions are all about connecting with young people, growing their skills and telling them about Jesus. A global pandemic won’t stop us doing this so since last year, lessons have all been happening online. And we love hearing how the love and hope of Jesus is changing lives.

One young person who has been attending our online Genetik sessions is Rose*. Battling with mental health issues and in and out of hospital because of this, she had lost all hope and was struggling over lockdown. As she logged on each week, we got to know Rose. She loved learning new things each week and, as they taught, our Genetik tutors got to know her, tell her how amazing she was and how much Jesus loves her.

As she heard more, Rose began to realise how special she was, and gave her life to Jesus. And as we’ve continue chatting to her about Jesus at Genetik, the change has been staggering.

Rose is now completely different to the young person our Genetik tutors first met and we know this can only be Jesus! Where before she saw no hope or future, she is now flourishing and has a new hope for her life. ‘I feel like I can now dream about what I really want to do with my life for the first time!’ she said just the other day.

*Name changed


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