Let's Talk About Race, Culture And Faith - The Message
28 Jun 2021

Let’s Talk About Race, Culture And Faith

We want to play our part in challenging ideas on race and diversity and open up conversations with our young people whilst also pointing them to Jesus – and this is where our new Race, Culture and Faith lesson steps in!

Tackling key topics like diversity, racism, prejudice and discrimination, and what the Bible says about it all, the lesson challenges and educates everyone who takes part to think more deeply about these issues and what part we can each play in addressing this.

From exploring how diversity benefits our culture to encouraging young people to think outside their own experiences, the lesson is packed with facts and stats from across the UK and world, sparking discussions within groups. Full of music, spoken words, and games, the lessons are designed to engage and educate young people about how they can bring about change.

If you’re based in London, we can deliver the lesson in person, or online with our engaging online resource which is also accessible to everyone across the UK no matter where you live and is perfect to use remotely in youth groups or from home.

As our young people think about these issues, we want to support and equip them as they explore and discuss topics around race, culture and faith and to point them to the Christian perspective full of respect and love. So, check out our online session below, or if you’re in London and would like to chat to the team about them coming into your local high school email [email protected]