More Than 95 Respond To Jesus - The Message
31 Aug 2021

More Than 95 Respond To Jesus

We had an amazing week jam-packed with mission last week that saw more than 95 people say yes to Jesus! In Blackpool and Lansbury Park (Caerphilly), teams of volunteers headed out to show Jesus’ love to communities through Love Where U Live, whilst young people got to here the gospel as they took part in music, dance and production workshops at the Genetik Summer School.

In Blackpool, partnering with Trinity Parish, teams spent five days out in the community clearing gardens, making over a local alley and painting the fences of a local playground, all whilst chatting to people and praying with them. The week culminated in a free outdoor gig for local young people where they got to hear the gospel shared. 

Over the week, the team saw 70 people respond to the gospel! One of these was Mable, who asked Emma to pray for her to be healed. As they prayed together, Emma shared about the hope and peace Jesus offers and Mable started to cry, overcome with God’s love for her. Emma invited her along to church and Mable is now signed up for every course the church is running, including Alpha, and she can’t wait to find out more about Jesus! 

At the same time, 85 young people signed up to be part of the Genetik Summer School. As each of them got to explore their God-given talents and creativity, they also heard the gospel at every opportunity and over the week 27 young people gave their lives to Jesus! 

And it wasn’t just the young people who impacted by the week. One parent shared ‘I became a Christian because people at The Message told me about Jesus, now my children are growing up hearing about him too and I hope it encourages you to see that what you do today will affect generations to come.’