'I Need Jesus' - The Message
16 Aug 2022

‘I Need Jesus’

It’s already been an incredible summer of mission where we’re seeing many step up and out for Jesus. Recently, some young people were out in Enfield (North London) sharing the gospel and praying for people as part of our Advance Youth: The Scattering week of mission.

As they did this, they got chatting to one lady, Beatrice, who said she felt prompted to come over and chat to them. As the young people got to know her, she shared about her life and said, ‘I feel like something is missing in my life but I don’t know what it is’.

So the young people grabbed the opportunity to share about the love and hope that Jesus offers each of us and Beatrice was so impacted that she asked if Jesus would come into her life. As the team prayed with her, she accepted God. She’s now already linked up with the local church and can’t wait to come along to a service!

Someone else the young people in Enfield met that day was James. He heard the young people playing worship music in the park and, like Beatrice, James felt something drawing him to go and have a look. He got chatting with the Advance Youth about what they were doing and as they shared the gospel with him, James said, ‘I need Jesus!’ So the team prayed with him as he accepted Jesus into his life and asked if he wanted prayer for anything else. James shared that his vision had become blurry because of cataract in his eye so the team prayed with boldness for God to heal James’ vision and when he opened his eyes after praying, James shouted and started running around saying, ‘I can see, I can see!’

He was so full of joy and amazement that he came back to the church with the young people, joined them for dinner and couldn’t wait to find out more about Jesus and come along to church.


How amazing! Get your young people involved with Advance Youth at message.org.uk/advanceyouth