Generation Rising - The Message
11 Oct 2022

Generation Rising

Young people from across the UK spent a week in London as part of Advance: The Scattering this summer. As they were encouraged and equipped for evangelism they saw God use them in amazing ways.

From prayer walking and litter picking to serving at local food banks and running community events the young people got stuck in with mission using every opportunity to share about Jesus in word and action. As they did this they prayed for over 400 people and saw many come to know Jesus.

Ishaani was in the park using the gym equipment when one of the teams met her. As they got chatting, Ishaani opened up about her Hindu faith and how she was struggling with this. The team shared their own stories about their faith in Jesus and left the conversation there. Little did they know that Ishaani actually bumped into another team later that day. As she talked with the second team, she mentioned she’d been in a car accident and had had pain in her back since. They prayed for her and when they’d finished, Ishaani said the pain had gone. The team then grabbed the chance to tell her how much God loved her, and explain the gospel. Ishaani was so impacted that she gave her life to Jesus.

Whilst out prayer walking, another team met Aydin and shared the gospel with him. Just like Ishaani, Aydin was so moved by how much Jesus loves him that he accepted God into his life there and then. After praying together, the team invited him along to church. He was so excited, and said, ‘My daughter’s been trying to get me to go to church with her but I kept saying no. She’s going to be so happy when we can go together!’

And it wasn’t just on the streets where people were impacted by the gospel. At the end of The Scattering, some young people in Edmonton (North London) ran a community FIFA tournament that over 60 people came along to.

The aim of the week was to encourage young people to boldly step out for Jesus, so it was amazing to see them grow in their confidence as the days went on.

Tia, one of the girls taking part in The Scattering, had never done anything like this before because she struggled with anxiety which meant that she barely left her house. Even though she wasn’t sure she’d stay for the whole week, she joined The Scattering team in sharing the gospel with people. As she did, Tia felt God prompt her to share an encouragement with the person they were chatting to. When she shared, she grew in boldness. What’s more, the guy she was chatting to accepted Jesus into his life and is now getting involved in his local church.


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