‘It’s Exciting To Be A Christian!’ - The Message
15 Nov 2022

‘It’s Exciting To Be A Christian!’

We love seeing young people grow in passion for evangelism and boldness as they step out in faith. We caught up with two young people, Zack and Phoebe, from Advance Youth in Barnet (London) to hear how God used them in some recent street evangelism where they stepped out in boldness praying for those they met.

‘I was feeling a little bit nervous because we were challenged to go out and pray for healing for people. It felt quite scary and I was out of my comfort zone as I’d never done this before, but I prayed that God would use me in some way. As we were walking around, I saw a friend from school and was able to say hi to him. He isn’t a Christian, so I was a bit nervous seeing him and explaining what I was doing but when he was about to go, I just grabbed the chance to chat about how we were going round praying for people as part of Advance Youth.

‘This felt like a really pivotal moment for me as I realised that I was proclaiming my faith to a friend in the street – something I never would have done before! When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about this so prayed. I’ve now decided to get baptised and I’m going to use it as a way to proclaim my faith and invite my non-Christian friends. It’s been great to grow in boldness and to grab opportunities to share the good news of Jesus with more people.’ – Zack, Advance Youth

‘Yeah, I was really impacted by the street evangelism too. As we were walking around praying for people, I was really struck by how exciting it is to be a Christian, being able to share the hope and love of Jesus with people who don’t know him. It’s not boring at all but really fun! When I offered to pray for one girl I bumped into, she asked for prayer for her mum who was unwell. As I was praying for her, it felt like such a privilege to pray for a total stranger about something personal to her and to have faith that God would bring break through. It felt scary at the time but I left feeling so happy for stepping out of my comfort zone, trusting that God would use me.’ – Phoebe, Advance Youth


Find out more about Advance Youth and how to get your young people involved at message.org.uk/advanceyouth