‘I’ve never been loved like this before’ - The Message

‘I’ve never been loved like this before’

It’s been an epic week of mission as our teams have headed out with Love Wythenshawe to share the love of Jesus in word and deed.

As gardens have been made over, litter cleared, youth work led on the Message Bus and live music events run, we’ve seen many people come to know Jesus and accept him into their lives! People like Archie.

Henry, a previous Academy student, met Archie on the Message Bus as it was out in a local park. As the team leader shared the gospel from the bus, Henry started chatting to Archie about Jesus and how much he loved him. As they talked Archie said he was interested in finding out more about Jesus but wasn’t ready to give his life to him yet, and that he wanted to go home to think about it more. The very next day, Henry saw Archie again and went over to chat to him. Straight away Archie said that that morning he had prayed and given his life to Jesus and couldn’t wait to tell Henry all about it! Archie is already going to come along to Youth Alpha and is excited to get plugged into church, and he’s not the only one! Over 30 young people have responded to the gospel onboard the Message Bus this week.

Throughout the week, Lauren has seen Freddie at the bus. As they’ve chatted Freddie has become more interested in Jesus. Yesterday he said to Lauren ‘I’ve never been shown love like you guys before’ and rushed home to bring along his dad Chris to the bus. Both Freddie and Chris took the4points cards and are coming along to our epic Family Fun Day this Saturday.

And it’s not just young people and their families who have been connecting in with us this week.

In the Community Grocery, teams have been chatting to members about Jesus as they shop. On Wednesday Sola met Jane who had just been diagnosed with cancer. After sharing about Jesus and praying together for her Jane said she felt a weight lift off her shoulders and had more peace to face the day. Encouraged by what God was doing, Sola also prayed for Pete who was experiencing chest pains and, as they were praying, Pete’s chest pains disappeared!