Food And Footie - The Message
17 Aug 2021

As schools close and free meals stop for the summer holidays, many families find it hard to get the food they need. We couldn’t stand by and not do anything, so The Foundation Community Grocery in Sheffield has partnered with Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme (SWCP) to take fresh and affordable food past the grocery doors and out into the community.

Over five weeks this summer, SWCP are running sports camps in some of the city’s poorest neighbourhoods for 5-14 year olds. Providing coaching as well as a wide range of other fun activities, the programme expects to connect with over 400 kids this summer!

As they have fun we want to make sure the young people don’t go hungry. So partnering with SWCP and Hope Foundation, The Foundation Community Grocery is providing free food every day.

Marcus from SWCP said, ‘The young people at our camps are thrilled when we turn up with lunch! The highlight of the day is getting to choose the bar of chocolate and bag of crisps of their choice. A big thank you to the Community Grocery from all the team at SWFC for making this happen and we look forward to working with you on further projects in the future.’

Through this project, we are excited to connect with more local families, providing them with fresh and affordable food through the grocery but also sharing about the love and hope of Jesus with them as they shop!