‘I’ve Found Belonging In The Church Because Of The Grocery’ - The Message
21 Sep 2021

‘I’ve Found Belonging In The Church Because Of The Grocery’

This week our very first Message Community Grocery has turned 1, and what a year it’s been!

What started as one grocery, helping to bring down the cost of the weekly shop for people in Wythenshawe, has grown to nine groceries with more on the way in the next few weeks. In that time we’ve seen more than 7,600 members sign up, provided more than 760,000 meals and saved over 831 tonnes of food from going to waste! And that’s not all!

As people have shopped we’ve got to know them, told them about how much Jesus loves them, prayed with them and seen hundreds of people responding to the gospel.

Siobhan is one person who connected with the grocery through social media, but due to her anxiety she felt she couldn’t visit the store in person. As the team chatted with her online and told her more about the grocery, Siobhan plucked up the courage to come along to the store for the first time, and whilst there she chatted to Theresa.

As they spoke, Siobhan told Theresa about how her partner had just be sent to prison and she didn’t know how to manage without him. As she signed up for her membership and started doing her first shop, Theresa got to tell Siobhan about how much Jesus loved her and how he was with her in whatever she was going through.

Since then, Siobhan’s started going along to church and has given her life to Jesus. ‘I’ve found belonging in the church because of the grocery,’ Siobhan said. ‘Not only have my food needs been met but I’ve found Jesus and have so much more joy now!’