Say Hello To Lincoln Community Grocery - The Message
05 Oct 2021

Say Hello To Lincoln Community Grocery

As the cost of food, gas and living continues to rise, it’s tougher than ever for families to put food on the table. But we’re here to help. Today we launched our tenth Community Grocery in Lincoln, in partnership with Alive Church Lincoln, to lower the cost of the weekly shop and provide wrap around support for those who need it most.

On our launch day today we saw over 110 people sign up to be members and we can’t wait to get to know everyone. Through our groceries, families can sign up for a £5 membership which gives them access to up to three shops a week for just £3 each! The groceries have been a lifeline for families during the pandemic and as the cost of living continues to rise, we are seeing more and more people sign up each week. People like Lydia.

We first met Lydia at Community Grocery in Ragworth who came in desperate need for food. After signing her up with a membership and getting her a free shop from our pay-it-forward post-it note board, Lydia has been a regular member. She said, ‘The grocery has made such a difference to my life. Not only can I get the food I need here but my Christian faith is stirring again and I can’t stop sharing about what Jesus has done for me.’

We’ve also been getting to know Tunde who came along to wellbeing course last week. He arrived feeling anxious and shared with our team about how chaotic and broken his life was but how determined he was for things to change. We got to share with him about Jesus and as we prayed together, Tunde looked so much lighter and brighter and is so excited to come along to the next session and find out more about the hope Jesus offers him!

As members shop and hear about Jesus, we’re seeing so many families come along to our partner churches. Last Sunday in Sheffield, the number of people who’d responded to the gospel through the Community Grocery outnumbered the original church congregation!


We love serving our communities and pointing people to Jesus and seeing lives transformed. If you want to find out more about our groceries and stand with us financially as we bring #FoodForAll across the nation, visit