Lindsay's Story - The Message
15 Dec 2020

Lindsay’s Story

We first met Lindsay in March as the nation plunged into the first lockdown. After being told to shield due to her poor health, Lindsay was unable to get out to buy food for her family, and all online delivery slots were full. This is where The Message could step in by delivering free packed lunch meals for her children. Watch her story below.

‘You couldn’t access this anywhere else. It opened up a lot for us because of our circumstances which we didn’t have any choice over. I think the fact that the grocery can help so many people in an area already struggling with poverty has made a massive difference.

The impact The Message has been able to have on Lindsay’s life hasn’t only been practical with delivering her food and tidying her garden. From building a relationship with her, and praying with her, Lindsay’s faith has been reignited and she is wanting to explore her faith in Jesus more!

We want to help more people like Lindsay by building 12 more Community Groceries right across the nation next year.


If you’d like to donate to help us in this project, you can do so here – and thank you so much for your generous support!