Raising Up The Next Generation - The Message
26 Dec 2023

Raising Up The Next Generation

From Cardiff to Sunderland, and London to Manchester, every month you’ll find young people gathering to worship, press into prayer and get equipped in mission as they get involved in Advance Youth. And the best bit? Every time they meet, they put what they’ve been learning into practice by taking to the streets to share the good news of Jesus. 

As they do this, God’s using them and they’re growing in their faith.

Gabriella is one of the young people who’s been coming along. Recently she and a team were out prayer walking and, after asking God who they should chat to, they met Ellis and Omar. The group asked if there was anything they wanted prayer for and Ellis told them he had a new baby and wanted to pray for the baby’s health.

As they prayed together, Omar looked unsure and Gabriella asked if he was okay. ‘I’m a Muslim’, he replied, and knowing this was a chance to share her faith, Gabriella said, ‘That’s okay, could I share the gospel with you?’ Omar agreed and Gabriella, remembering what she’s learnt in Advance Youth, boldly told him about Jesus’ love using the4points. 

Listening in, Ellis was so touched by what he heard that he said he wanted to find out more about Jesus! As they left, Gabriella and the team were encouraged how God had used them.

Lily is another young person who was blown away by how God used her. She came to Advance Youth having had a really tough week at school and told the group that she was feeling nervous and discouraged about sharing her faith. So, they all prayed that she’d have the boldness to share the gospel with someone that day. 

Later that morning, Lily met Shannan who was looking nervous. As they chatted, Shannan shared that she was anxious about a job she’d applied for. When Lily offered to pray for her, she accepted straight away, and as they prayed for peace, she started to relax. After praying, Shannan said, ‘I’ve never really thought about faith before’, so Lily decided to grab the opportunity to tell her about Jesus. As she shared the gospel, Shannan was amazed and left wanting to explore more about what it means to have a faith in Jesus. Lily was so happy that, despite feeling nervous and underqualified, God gave her everything she needed to share about him with someone.


Find out more about Advance Youth and get your young people involved at message.org.uk/advanceyouth