Telling Their Mates - The Message

We love seeing young people get excited about sharing their faith. This is why up and down the country each month we get them together to encourage each other, pray together and learn the skills they need to be able to use every opportunity possible to tell their friends and families about Jesus. 

As they do this, we’re hearing stories of young people bravely setting up Christian Unions (CU) in their schools so that their peers and teachers can hear about the love and hope Jesus offers them.

Martha and Chloe are two of those who have done just this. Going to the same school in the North East, they had prayed together about whether they should set up a CU. As they did this, they felt God telling them that they should step out. So they bravely went and chatted to their teachers who said ‘yes’. Initially they expected just a handful of people they knew to come along, but have been blown away that over 35 come each week. And it’s not just Christian young people. As news has spread, they’ve had non-Christian students, people of other faiths and teachers coming to ask their questions about Jesus. Excitingly, as they prayed and stepped out, they’ve seen some of their new friends become Christians and get plugged into local churches.

Having become a Christian just a year ago, Rhianna felt God telling her to start a CU too. ‘It’s now the highlight of my school week,’ she told us. ‘I loved telling my mates about the CU and getting them to come along. I can’t describe the feeling when I see them walk into the classroom. Every week we sit round, have a laugh and chat about Jesus. I share the gospel with them, tell them how loved they are by Jesus and they get to ask their questions. And it’s not just my friends that ask questions, sometimes the teachers want to know more. 

‘Six months ago I wouldn’t have believed that I’d have been brave enough to even set up a CU but I know God can use us all, we just need to be willing to be used.’


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