Restoration and Reconciliation - The Message
07 Feb 2020

Restoration and Reconciliation

Bullying is a major issue faced by countless young people across our nation. Mission team Respect ME tackle this issue in schools with a Christian perspective. Joe Winterschladen, a team member working in the North East, shares a recent story of humility, breakthrough and restoration in one class.

‘Our bullying lesson for Year 8s focuses on how we can find our value in Jesus. At the end of the session we ask students to consider three questions:

1. Are you a victim of bullying?
2. Do you know someone who is? 
3. Maybe you have realised you are being hurtful to others?

‘In one lesson a lovely lad answered these questions in front of the whole group. He shared how he had struggled with being bullied, how difficult this had been for him and how he continues to deal with this. This was such a significant moment as he bravely spoke out in front of his classmates in such a vulnerable way.

‘After this, a girl asked for the microphone and shared how after being bullied herself, she had started being nasty to others. Not mentioning any names, she went on to say “you know who you are and I just want to say I’m sorry and that there won’t be any more bad blood between us”. This was such a precious and unexpected moment of reconciliation and restoration.’


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