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Saying no to bullying

Bullying can have huge impacts on young peoples’ lives emotionally, mentally and physically, and can have a life-long effects.

This is not what God wants. He wants every single young person to flourish in the love of Jesus and learn who their identity is in. This is why through our Respect ME teams, bullying is one of the topics we challenge head on at The Message.

Going into schools or engaging with young people online, Respect ME lessons open the eyes of pupils to the impact that bullying can have. The lessons also encourage young people who may be struggling that it’s not their fault, that they are loved, unique and special, and it’s okay to seek help from an adult.

This time last year, Respect ME were in a school running this lesson when a girl with red hair put her hand up in the lesson and asked with tears in her eyes in front of her whole year group, ‘How do I stop cutting myself?’ She was so hurt from relentless bullying at school and her self-esteem was so low that she’d thought this was the only answer. The team were able to chat to her, get her help from the school and invite her to a Brightline gig that was taking place that Friday. Here she heard the gospel, responded to it and was invited along to a youth Bible study in her local church.

A year on, she was getting stronger in her faith, still attending Bible studies and hadn’t self-harmed at all since the team met her!

This Anti-Bullying week, Respect ME’s ‘The Message Today’ lesson focuses again on the important topic of bullying, giving young people hints and tips on how to cope and pointing them to the love of Jesus. It’s available below for you to watch and share with your young people.


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