‘This Is Where You Go If You Want Things To Start Changing For You’ - The Message
08 Jun 2021

‘This Is Where You Go If You Want Things To Start Changing For You’

It’s been another busy week in our groceries, with great stories of how lives are being transformed.

Last week we met Jackie as she signed up to become a member, and she shared how she’d been struggling financially since her partner died suddenly, leaving her and her young son. After chatting with her about the grocery, the £5 membership fee and how the £3 shop works. she looked disappointed and took out from her purse which had her last £5 note in it, saying she didn’t have enough money for both a food shop and a membership.

Straight away, the team showed Jackie the pay-it-forward board and gave her two notes covering a year’s membership and a food shop, so she was able to get all she needed for nothing! Jackie burst into tears with relief and was so thankful for everything, and the team even got to pray with her and chat to her about the love of Jesus.

Over in Ragworth the team met Pauline who was desperate to sign up to the new wellbeing course being offered for free at the grocery. As she got signed up, she said ‘I can’t believe it – not only can I get all my food in the grocery, I am also getting the emotional support I need too! I can get everything I need here.’ Later that day, another member Julie brought in a friend to also sign up to the grocery. Having had her own life changed by finding a supportive community at the grocery and accessing fresh and affordable food, Julie wanted to get her friend plugged in too saying, ‘This is where you go if you want things to start changing for you.’

We are so thankful that God is using the groceries to provide for people emotionally and spiritually as well as physically and as our courses kick up a gear across the nation, we pray that many more lives will be transformed as members come along.


Find out more about what is going on in our Community Groceries at communitygrocery.org.uk