'You've Shown Me Jesus' - The Message
01 Jun 2021

‘You’ve Shown Me Jesus’

It’s been a busy few weeks in our groceries with new members signing up each day. As members come in store to pick up their shopping and take part in the free courses, they’ve heard the gospel and many have been transformed by the love of Jesus and seen God answer their prayers.

In the Sharston grocery, Daiya* – who we met at Christmas whilst giving out food hampers – came in store and shared about the tough times she’d had experience travelling to the UK as a refugee and how she’d struggled to make ends meet when she got here. Having been an atheist her whole life, at the age of 67 years old, she saw the love of Jesus shown to her at Christmas and through the grocery, and accepted him into her heart! ‘You haven’t just told me about your Jesus, you’ve shown me him too. Now I come to the grocery even when I don’t need any food – when I’m feeling fed up, I always feel better when I come here,’ Daiya shared.

Stacey is another of our regular members at Ragworth Community Grocery. As she pops in each week for her shopping, the team have been able to get to know her and chat with her about Jesus. Last week as she was sharing about her difficult personal life and financial situation, and she asked the store manager to pray for her. As they sat together and prayed, Stacey’s eyes filled with tears and when they had finished, she said how encouraged and less anxious she felt. A few days later Stacey came rushing back into the grocery saying the prayers were answered! She said her caseworker had resolved everything that was needed so her financial situation would improve massively now! Stacey shared that it could only have been God to cause this change’ and she’s looking forward to learning more about Jesus and his love for her.

There are many stories like this coming in each and every day. We love how God’s transforming lives as people shop.


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