Growing Enterprise Through Groceries - The Message
12 Apr 2021

Growing Enterprise Through Groceries

As we open groceries across the UK, our enterprise work continues to grow too with many new roles and training opportunities for team members.

Steve is one of our new team members working in a grocery. Eighteen months ago, he was living on the streets of Manchester not sure what to do next, when someone told him he could get a meal at Barnabus. Whilst he was there, Steve met Simon and some of the guys from The Oaks – our resettlement house. They shared with Steve how Jesus had turned their lives around.

That night, Steve responded to the gospel and became a Christian but had to head back out onto the streets.

‘As I fell asleep that night I felt a joy I’d never known before and I asked Jesus to find a way for me to learn more about him and be in Christian community. The next night I found myself on the Embassy Bus – a Christian homeless shelter – where someone referred me to The Oaks.

‘Since moving in I’ve not looked back. Jesus has transformed my life and I just want to tell people about him. I’ll be graduating from The Oaks soon and was starting to think and pray about my next steps when I was asked if I’d be interested in using my passion for working with people by joining the enterprise programme as a Warehouse Assistant for the Community Grocery.

‘I’m now in a job I love, getting the training I need for the future. Jesus made all this possible.’


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If you know someone who might benefit from The Oaks resettlement home, visit for more information.