Two Weeks In... - The Message
30 Mar 2021

Two Weeks In…

As we get ready to open our next Community Grocery in Sheffield, we’ve loved hearing about the impact that the groceries are having on our members.

Ragworth Community Grocery opened just two weeks ago and every day the team are already getting to chat to members about Jesus and pray with them. Here are just some of the stories that have been shared by our team and volunteers.

‘Yesterday we met a guy who had just lost his job. He had a three-year old daughter and has always worked to provide for her, and he was really worried about how he was going to cope. As he didn’t know how to cook, he always bought pre-made meals for the two of them but now was looking for cheaper ingredients to try and make meals himself.

‘When he came into the store, he was self-conscious and needed help choosing ingredients to make a meal. I was able to give him some encouragement and give him ideas of a few easy recipes he could make. As we chatted I could see him physically relaxing and looking more hopeful. As he was leaving he said; “The timing of this place is perfect. I don’t know how I would have coped without it.”’ – Jennie

‘I met a woman today who was signing up for her membership, as we chatted she opened up about how pleased she was to actually speak with another person. She shared about how she’d recently lost her grandchild and how she was struggling with grief and loneliness. I invited her to come into the store any time she wanted to chat and said that I would be praying for her – I look forward to when she next comes and to chatting to her more about the hope and peace of Jesus.’ – Becky

‘On our opening day I met Carol* who had been brought along to the store by one of our volunteers. Carol was very timid, and unsure of herself but we chatted to her and helped her with her shopping. The next week, Carol popped back in and the change was huge. She was bright and bubbly, so chatty and full of stories about how God had worked in her life in the last week. Carol has been chatting about Jesus with other members of the grocery and I honestly cannot believe how different she is to when we first met her!’ – Jennie.


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